The Soulflower Collective. Empowering community through circles, ceremonies, and workshop/classes. 
​Our psychospiritual approach to community offers a safe space to explore ritual, spirituality, community, and intuition. The Soulflower Collective offers groups like full moon circles, cacao ceremonies, shadow self groups etc. Our focus is to bridge the gap between spirituality and mental wellbeing. 


Adventure into your souls purpose by exploring your past, present and future. Journey through  your birth chart and  explore the planets and other celestial bodies influence on your inner being.

I combine my knowledge of studying tarot and astrology with years as a clinical therapist to hold space for people to explore patterns and personal obstacles that may be holding you back from harnessing your fullest potential. We will look at your birth chart and tarot reading from a therapeutic perspective to tap into your current experience. These readings are a safe space to explore our shadow self and transform any lessons the universe may bring.

My unique therapeutic approach to tarot and birth chart readings offers each client space at the end to process whatever may come up during the reading. 


“To be fully alive, fully human, and completely awake is to be continually thrown out of the nest.”- Pema Chödrön

Throughout my life, I’ve discovered the beauty of continually being thrown out of the nest. I’ve had many difficult struggles in my own life including intense trauma and grief. I believe that in order to heal we must embrace all parts of our self and our experience. My intention is to guide clients through a journey of love and compassion by tapping into true authenticity. My goal is to offer a sacred space where we can explore self-expression and reconnect with the needs of our heart.