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Mabon (Autumn Equinox)

Autumn Equinox is a time of year when the sunshines the exact same amount as the it is dark. From now until winter solstice the days will slowly become shorter. This time of year is very rooted with colorful which is why it is known for its harvest and abundance.  Mabon Celebrates- Harvest, Aging, Death, Instability, […]


When we think of astrology we associate it with our horoscope or the study of our star sign. Our star sign is determined by the zodiac constellation that the sun is in front of at the time we are born. For example, If you are an Aquarius like me, the sun was in front of the […]


​Today is the day I have been dreading, my birthday. I turned 28 years old today and I am officially the same age as my sister when she passed away. I have outlived someone who was older than me. I get to continue in my life, growing and aging, while my sister will never see […]


Palmistry is the art of studying yours hand to gain a deeper understanding of yourself. Palmistry dates back to the Middle Ages and was originally studied to predict the future, Today palm readers use Palmistry to determine health, personality, past, present and future readings.  I like to start my palm reading with a quick meditation. Sitting […]


☾ For thousands of years people have used crystals for many different types of healing. Our bodies are made up of silicon-dioxide, which makes us receptive to the vibrations the crystals release. When we practice or wear crystals on our body, they give off a powerful vibration that connects with your energy field. This in tune […]

Weekly Reading 11/4/19

Week Two. Ten of Swords This weeks reading is working with grief, loss, betrayal, and pain. This card can be hard to look at and bring up all kinds of emotions. At first glance you see a guy with swords in his back. He looks like he was betrayed and hurt. The ten of swords represents an ending […]

Weekly reading

Welcome to The Soulflower Collective. This weeks theme is all about inner wisdom. This topic is very fitting for me right now because I am processing a huge ego death. I have been shifting a lot of moving pieces and redefining my souls journey. I lost trust in myself and disconnected to my intuition. What […]

Transpersonal Coaching

I have been getting a lot of questions about what transpersonal coaching means. I provided a quick FAQ of my personal definition and services I offer. What does Transpersonal Mean? Transpersonal to me is working with aspects beyond our individual experience. I once heard an example of it described as the ocean. When you are […]

Welcome to The Soulflower Collective

Happy to finally announce the launch The Soulflower Collective. Most of you know this by now but for the past year I have been experiencing extreme grief. I lost myself in pain and sadness. I dived deep into the transpersonal realm of trying to heal myself. I got the idea to start a platform where […]

Cacao and Tarot Ceremony

Cacao is raw chocolate in its purest form stemming directly from the Theobroma cacao tree. Cacao is a often associated with being a super human health elixir. It is filled with antioxidants, vitamins, and has active ingredients that stimulate serotonin (chemical in our brain that produces good mood.)  Cacao has been used in ancient ceremonies […]

Friendship and Grief

Today blog is all about my experience with losing friends after a loss. When we experience loss we experience a loss of control. Our illusion of stability is shattered and we are seeking some sturdy ground. The same thing happens for your friends while you are grieving. They feel out of control they don’t know how […]

Send Me Space. Shadow Work

I want to start by saying I am not a writer and never have been good with it. I have horrible grammar and still can’t spell the word maintenance without spellcheck. These blog post are coming directly from my heart and may not even make sense. I am here to show up as authentically as […]

Top 4 Travel Essential Oils

I am obsessed with essential oils. I have been using them for years to naturally heal my mind, body and spirit. I use my oils by either drops under the tongue, in veggie capsule, massaging and diffusing. I want to start by saying that I never travel without four specific oils, Lavender, Peppermint, OnGuard and DigestZen.  I will take […]

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