While I have training in many modalities of therapy, I believe connecting back to true authenticity is so important. I strive to hold space for everyone to connect back to self-compassion, self-love, and self- worth. We will look at not only our thought patterns but mind body connection to each experience. We will learn healthy expression of emotions and regulation techniques.

I am trained in Hypnosis, EMDR. Counseling sessions are only available for Colorado Residence.

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Astrology & Tarot Reading

Tarot readings offer counsel into your inner being. Discovery and grow by connecting with obstacles and challenges that may be holding you down. Tap into your current experience and explore how to move through what may no longer be serving you.

Birth chart readings allow me to tune into how you are currently manifesting your authentic being. What is your soul purpose? What are some strength and weaknesses? How can you vibrate at your fullest potential.

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Studying astrology is a lifelong journey and anyone can learn it! In our mentoring sessions, we will meet via Zoom and start to begin the teachings of Western Astrology. During our first session, we will go through some basic astrology concepts and a birth chart overview. Depending on your intentions for these sessions we will create a mentorship outline together and begin! Some of our sessions might include, birth charts study, planets, signs, houses, aspects and so much more.

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When we think of yoga today as the asana or the physical practice however that is just the beginning. The asanas are there to prepare the body for a long seated meditation. By working on all eight limbs of yoga we work towards finding love, compassion, forgiveness and peace within.

I offer group or private yoga classes upon request. If you are interested in taking one of my weekly zoom classes please send me an email at and I can provide you with class link.


Want more Astrology? Join my Patron. Each month I provide monthly tarot readings for each zodiac, astrology videos, study material, group study sessions, free live tarot readings, and much more!

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Retreat & Private Events

I am available to host private events like cacao ceremonies, full moon circles, group yoga classes and group tarot readings.

If you are retreat space looking for a yoga teacher please email

Let’s work together.